At Hank’s Friends, we love to support our Veterans and First Responders. It is with great respect and honor that we serve those who have served us. 


Hank’s Friends is a community network with a mission of serving not only the special needs community, but anyone who needs help.  Our partners provide resources for services, equipment, assistance, entertainment, food and more.


With the birth of Hank, we were blessed with a tremendous and wonderful addition to our world.  As time passed and the typical progressions were not present, we found ourselves lost and alone asking questions that no one we knew had ever asked.  Hank required specialists, accommodations and assistance at levels we didn’t even recognize or think to provide.  Suddenly, our village was lost.  Now our ability to provide what was needed was a constant search of data with doubt around every corner.  Who is a special needs pediatrician?  A special needs dentist?  Where do we take our child with sensory issues for a haircut?  Will our child ever get to go to a movie theatre, a baseball game or family night of bowling or other activities?

These are common questions asked by those born into the special needs community.  Hank’s Friends is built to help anyone seeking answers.  We seek to make finding this information and the services necessary simple and effective so that the time we have as family will not be lost seeking answers but will be made fruitful to spend time with the blessings that our special ones truly are to our worlds.


Because our community is aware of what it is like to live on the outside and in uncertainty, we recognize that other’s need help as well.  James 2:26 tells us that “…faith apart from works is dead”.  Regardless of circumstance or level of ability, we invite everyone to become friends with Hank.


Our mission at Hank’s Friends is action to serve both our typical and atypical communities by providing resources and assistance to utilizing resources within our communities.  By assisting with navigating the special needs world or providing foundational resources for all, we seek to promote togetherness through a positive and fun environment.  By accepting what makes us similar and what makes us different, we can grow together towards a cohesive community.


Hank’s Friends will provide a structure of support that is viable, sustainable, and fully-functioning.  We seek to create a new means of navigating the special needs world creating confidence, freedom and family inclusivity. We will connect typical and atypical families with a robust network of providers. 


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